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Welcome to B.H. Cooper Farm

Registered and Commercial Black Angus Cattle

B.H. Cooper Farm is a Century Farm located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We specialize in docile Black Angus both registered and commercial.  We utilize the most current technologies in cattle production including embryo transfers and Neogen Igenity testing.

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What Makes Our Cattle the Best Choice

There are many producers to chose from so why choose B.H. Cooper Farm?

"Easy Keepers"

Many other farms can provide you with cattle that are well muscled and marbled.  They are able to do this by providing them with a supplemental ration of grain or silage.  B.H. Cooper farms utilizes pasture and hay to grow and support our animals.  Heifers receive grain after weaning and up to the AI time.  After that they are grass fed only.  

We pride ourselves on "Easy Keeping Cattle."  Our cattle will save you money and time since they do not require supplemental feeding to keep their condition score.

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Over the past few years the Angus breed has made leaps and bounds in breeding for docility.  Our cattle are bred to bulls that have high EPD docility values.  Our AI bulls are chosen based on growth and docility EPD's.  

Our cattle are handled in a calm manner with no use of hot shots or hitting on them.  They are worked in facilities that provide a safe and calm area for them.  Our cattle are around people on a daily basis.



While registered cattle have the advantage of EPD's most commercial cattle do not.  To help solve this problem and create better cattle for our customers we utilize Igenity Beef Genomic Testing.  Igenity Beef Genomic Testing includes 16 maternal, performance, and carcass traits.  This information allows for us and you the consumer to make cattle selections based on scientific measurements that will increase your productivity whether you are producing steers for the feedlot or creating replacement heifers.

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Cattle that will make you money

What we Offer

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Registered Heifers

Commercial Heifers


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Feel free to contact us for a visit anytime.

Critz, VA


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