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What We Sell

Inventory Changing: Call or email anytime for more information.

Bred Heifers
Sold out for 2023

Our heifers are either AI bred or bred to a KCF Bennett calving ease bull.  Heifers are bred to a sire that will provide them with the traits to help you improve your herd and make you money. 

Please the the bred heifers tab for more information.



Every once in a while, we have an exceptional bull calf born to one of our registered cows or that was an embryo transfer calf.  These bulls are kept and raised to make herd bulls for farms.  These bulls are selected to create calves that grow quickly and still provide some calving ease for the cattle they are bred to.

70 bull_edited_edited.jpg

Open Heifers (Only a few left)

While we prefer to sell bred heifers, we do have a few open heifers.  These heifers are either too young to have bred or have not bred at the time of year that we want to calve.

70a heifer.jpg
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