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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pasture do you utilize?

Most of our pastures and hay are MaxQ Tall Fescue Grass.  This grass is a cool season perennial grass that provides excellent permanent pastures for cattle, sheep and horses.

Other farms have higher EPD's so why should I go with B.H. Cooper Farm?

We want our cattle to save you money.  We breed our cattle to perform on grass and hay and not require supplemental feeding.  You will not need to feed grain or silage like other cattle may require.  We also breed for other traits in addition to growth including feet, docility, and longevity in the herd.

What do you sell?

We sell heifers, bred heifers, cows and bulls.  We specialize in bred heifers that are either commercial or purebred.  We prefer to sell bred heifers so we can ensure that they are able to breed and are bred to the best bull match for them to continue to improve their profitability.

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